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European Project INSIDE In-situ Diagnostics in Water Electrolysers
Workshop „Diagnostics in Electrolysis“ A workshop dedicated to the topic of diagnostics was held in Kopenhagen on 16th June 2017 Programme: Vince Beyer (Greenlight Innovation): Electrolyser testing – state of the art and outlook Philipp Lettenmeier (DLR): Degradation and applied impedance spectroscopy Piotr Jasinski (Technical University of Gdansk): Analysis of impedance spectra - Distribution of Relaxation times Marie Lund Traulsen (Technical University of Denmark): t In-operando Raman Spectroscopy Indro Biswas (DLR): Monitoring of current density distribution Vesa Ruuskanen (University of Lappeenranta): Electrolyser control strategies Near operando atomic force microscopy on PEMWE electrodes Fluid cell measurements of membranes, electrodes or half-MEAs can give insight into the structure and current distribution under operational conditions. Evolution of gas nanobubbles  reveals eactivity/permeability 5.5 kW PEMWE system delivered An industrial scale PEM based water electrolyser was delivered. The Elze E1050 system by EWII A/S of Denmark uses power of 5.5, can produce 1 normal m³/h, and can be used for the development of an industrial scale diagnostics tool, now. Segmented cell technology demonstrated in PEMWE The used technology for locally resolved current density measurement could be proven for proton exchange membrane based electrolysis. Scenarios/situations evaluated for their specific patterns are reversible deactivation by water starvation (see image), irreversible deactivation by poisoning of the catalyst, the local evaluation of different flow channel layouts, and the application during cell assembly. Near-ambient-pressure XPS in electrochemical cell   In PEMWE electrode samples, investigated with Synchrotron based x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy under near ambient pressure conditions (NAP-XPS), the degradation mechanism of the IrRu catalyst was studied during electrolysis operation, allowing to unveil the stabilisation mechanism. Amendment approved by FCH JU The transition of the AEMWE activities in the project was approved by the European Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking. The overall plan remains unchanged. The second part in this amendment is a cost-neutral extension by 12 months. 1st prototype ready The prototype of the segmented printed circuit for for locally resolved curent density measurements in Anion Exchange membrane bases water electrolysis (AEMWE) was designed, manufactured, and delivered to Heliocentris Italy. Heliocentris Italy replace Acta Heliocentris AG have acquired Acta S.p.A. The new company Heliocentris Italy S.r.l., a 100% daughter company of Heliocentris AG, is going to continue the AEMWE activities in the INSIDE consortium.